Business Owners Shouldn’t Give a Damn About Google’s Policies (sometimes)

I know I know now all the Google gods are going to reign down fire on me and my kin from above for my headline and this post. Or worse

“Your Business Just Received a 1 star review” When You See that Email Now What?

So you see that email from your Google Business Profile that says you just received a 1-star review. Some business owners freak out and think immediately that life as they

Got Some 1 Star Reviews on Google? Business Owners Can Fight Back

The responses to 1-star reviews from a business range from anger and frustration to defensiveness and resignation. But something to remember, It’s not necessarily what is said in a bad

HVAC Company Uses Google Business Profile to Heat Up Their Business

One of the simplest ways to control your online business information is through the use of your Google My Business profile. It allows you to control and update your contact

Tired of Getting Your Ass Kicked on Google?

If you are like a lot of business owners we talk to they understand how important their Google star rating and online reputation is to the future of their business.

Google Reputation Management Case Study 1

We will be posting a series of various case studies from businesses that we have helped over the past 1-2 years here on this blog.  This is the first case

See that fake negative review?

The internet is a powerful tool and can be used for many things both good and bad.. But when someone decides to go online and put negative content or reviews about

How A Bad Online Reputation Can Cost You Money

“The customer is always right”. This is a phrase that you’ve probably heard a million times, and there’s a reason for that. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and without

The Benefits Of A Good Reputation Online

A good reputation is essential for any business – large or small. In today’s digital age, a good reputation is more important than ever. Companies with good reputations tend to