Your Business Lives or Dies by it’s Reputation

In recent years, Google reviews management has been a big challenge for many businesses. In order to better manage this problem, some companies hire a reputation management service provider. These

What is an Online Reputation?

As the world increasingly moves online, our reputations are becoming more and more intertwined with our digital footprints. What we do and say online can have a significant impact on

Why 5-Star Google Reviews Are Important

In the past, people would ask their friends and family for recommendations on products and services. But now, people are more likely to google a business before making a purchase.

Removing Negative Google Reviews

Google Business Profile is expanding the ability of marketing agencies and business owners to manage their Google Reviews. Google Review can help you build credibility with potential customers, improve your

Remove Bad Stuff from Google (Really)

See that review? It was a fake negative review posted by someone that had never done business with the company they were bashing with a 1 star review. Unfortunately for

Are All Bad Reviews Really Bad For Your Business?

Google reviews are important for small businesses. They can be the difference between success and failure. Google reviews are also a determining factor for where in the search results Google

Do Those Little Yellow Stars Really Matter?

What is the big deal if I have 3.5 out of 5 stars? Consumers want to see 5 star reviews of businesses on sites like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot Yelp, Healthgrades

How Can I Remove Negative Results from Google?

How to Get Rid of Negative Google Results Imagine losing 22% of customers. This is the cost, on average, of a single negative online review. After three negative reviews, the

Give Your Business The Gift of a Good Google Rating

Not all online reviews are created equally There are glowing reviews, libelous reviews, straightforward reviews, funny reviews, and more. With Facebook as a notable exception, most review sites run on