Do Those Little Yellow Stars Really Matter?

What is the big deal if I have 3.5 out of 5 stars?

Consumers want to see 5 star reviews of businesses on sites like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot Yelp, Healthgrades as well as lots of others. Potential customers use this to gauge which business or company they will ultimately choose to buy products or services. According to Google, 65% of smartphone customers agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they search for one of the most appropriate information despite the company supplying the info. The very same goes with products and services. Why choose a 3.8-star company when you can opt for a 4.8-star company? Yes, that star can be the difference of you obtaining that service or them choosing your competition.

Example: let’s say you own a 3-star rated auto body shop repair business that does $3 million in annual sales. There is proof online that shows you are missing out on over $500,000 annually due to that 2-star deficit. So effectively those 2 stars cost you $250k a year each. Are you going to give away $500,000 dollars annually to your competition simply because of some poor reviews? If yes, then you should stop reading now this is definitely NOT for you. If you want to stop giving away free money to your competitors keep reading.

A recent study by Moz tracked individual engagement with regional listings that had excellent, good, and also no evaluations. The business with the best testimonial rankings got one of the most clicks at a 4.9 ranking, and consumers clicked with straight to the firm’s site. The 2nd listing has no reviews and got little clicks. Although the third listing was only 1.1 stars much less than the very first listing, it appeared to get extremely little activity, and the clicks it did get were to check out the evaluations. Once again as well as indeed I recognize I am repeating myself but I want you to get this– every celebrity matters!

Whether a client found you via a Google Look for your products, a top quality search for your firm, or a local look for your services, pertaining to a web page with a 3-star rated business provides consumers bookings about selecting your business, sending them to your rivals who have greater scores.

How Important Are Reviews to My Organization? How Can I Raise my Google rating?

I assume we now can agree that having an excellent looking review profile and a high star rating is important. Yes, you can enhance your Google ranking but more on that particular subject later. Most local business owners are actually surprised to discover that just a slightly reduced Google score or lack of good 5 star reviews would cause businesses to lose 17% per year in annual earnings. The following study uncovered some more crucial realities.

Three new and different tests were done in order to see exactly how online searchers would search and also finally decide on a business they found for a specific service or product. The idea was to determine the requirements they made use of to make their decision to select one certain business rather than another? In one of the searches, the instance was a look for “Bond Bondsmen in Colorado Springs CO” on Google. Even though the bail bondsman in position 2 of the 3 pack maps listing was popular for TV advertisements and identified in that area the site visitor still selected the business listed in the # 1 area. Why? what was the difference between the two? Intend to take a hunch? Yeah it’s reviews.

Protecting Yourself Versus Unfavorable Online Evaluations

So what’s the service? It’s rather straightforward in fact. Even more evaluations. The type of testimonials you want. Everyone’s inspired to get on the internet and vent regarding an adverse experience by blowing up adverse reviews all over the web. Yet, not numerous individuals are motivated to leave positive testimonials. It does not appear reasonable, but it’s the fact.

Commonly, getting favorable reviews takes a great deal of initiative. It’s a straightforward concept, however challenging to do. First of all, you have to offer outstanding customer support. After that you have to implore customers to go on the internet and also leave a positive review. In addition to needing to regularly motivate your employees to request them. And also in a lot of niches where the sales cycle can be long, each lost or bad review can equal lost income. It can be a total headache that triggers a great deal of frustration while also adding to the pressure to ensure your business is profitable.

Can’t There Be an Easier Way to Manage Your Online Reputation?

It’s not easy to take control of your online credibility by yourself. It is a huge worry and responsibility that you might not want to take on or put on your team. But what if you could find a professional service that could:

  • Monitor all pertinent evaluation sites?
  • Automate the procedure of asking for testimonials?
  • Simplify boosting your variety of testimonials?
  • Urge faithful long-lasting consumers to leave a review?
  • Encourage your employees with an automated leaderboard?
  • React to testimonials from various sites all in one area?

For one, you ‘d probably sleep far better every night knowing that your online reputation is always going to look good when people search. At the same time you are being proactive safeguarding your important online rating. Of course it’s no secret that an excellent track record online is a big key to success in just about any niche or industry. So suppose you could find someone to do all those things at a reasonable price? It would be an investment into the long term success of your business.

They can with Erase My Trax. for much less than the rate of competitive services, Erase My Trax is an all-in-one solution for any business needing help improving their online rating and reputation. This really allows you as the business owner to be back in control of your online reputation. Simply put, you do not have to keep track of Google searches or other online review searches regarding your business. It’s all taken care of for you so you can concentrate on adding more satisfied customers. Erase My Trax can provide help with all of the most popular online review websites including Google, Facebook, Yelp and Trust Pilot. One thing that separates the Erase My Trax service from others is the ability to actually remove negative results completely from the Google search index as if it never happened.

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Online Reputation on the web

With 93% of customers making use of reviews to make purchase decisions as well as 94% of respondents in a different survey claiming negative evaluations prevented them from selecting a business, remaining positive with your reviews while gathering brand new ones needs to be a core competency of your organization.

If your business needs assistance with removing negative Google search results, fixing or getting rid of poor reviews and enhancing your star rating check out