Google Reputation Management Case Study 1

We will be posting a series of various case studies from businesses that we have helped over the past 1-2 years here on this blog.  This is the first case study today.  What we really do is increase the Google star rating of any business that hires us. Erase My Trax has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes across a wide range of niches.  Most business owners who come to us already know that their rating needs help and this can be for many reasons:

  1. the business is new and just does not have that many reviews good or bad yet
  2. the business has been around a while but lately has had some customer service issues leading to bad reviews which have now been corrected.  But new reviews are needed to raise the rating plus removal of as many 1 and 2 stars as possible.
  3. the business has been a victim of someone deliberately leaving multiple bad, fake, and spam reviews in an attempt to hurt the business or extort them
  4. the business has had several bad reviews which are either for the wrong business or the reviews are not telling the correct version of what happened.

In all of the above cases, Erase My Trax can help.  Using a professional reputation management company greatly increases your chances of recovering your online Google rating as well as helping your business get a lot more exposure (positive exposure) to people on google searching for a new provider for a product or service in that area.

So let’s look at a company that came to us as a new client a few months ago.  They had been struggling a little due to their google rating falling down around 4.0 to 4.1 out of 5.  Google has stated publicly in studies they have conducted that most people prefer to see a rating of 4.7 or more.  A sidenote here: Google has also publicly stated that a business with more than 100 reviews that has a perfect 5.0 rating the majority of people have doubts to the validity of all those 5 star ratings.  So the best rating your business could possibly have to attract the most new customers would be between 4.7 and 4.9.  If you want to get a good idea of how many reviews you need to get to a specific star rating on google check out this reviews calculator here

Now once you have a good idea of how many reviews are needed to get to the desired rating we can come up with an action plan and a time table to get to that rating.  Let’s take a quick look at one company that has done exactly that.

Customer  Niche:  Vehicle Window Tinting

Local Metro Area: Philadelphia

This client came to us in the middle of March 2022.  Their first full month with us as a client was April of 2022

Reputation Management New Jersey

So first, let’s establish a baseline in February 2022 these are from their Google Business Profile insights.  The full month of February 2022 you can see their total interactions were 290.  Total interactions for a business on Google Business Profile is all of the calls, direction requests, quote requests, and inquiries for that calendar month.

After working with us for 2 months in June of 2022 you can see how increasing the reputation and rating also equated to more interactions with this business and obviously more and better exposure on Google search.  This is June of 2022

google reputation management services

It is pretty clear to this client that our service has had a very positive effect on their business considering that we increased their total interactions by a whopping 186%.  This means they got double the calls in June than before they had started working with Erase My Trax.  Some people can argue that in June more people look to get window tinting done on their vehicle than in February but that would account for maybe a 40-50% seasonal increase, not 186%.  The bottom line is they are getting seen more with a better rating which has led to more calls, more visits, more inquiries, and most importantly more business than before.

Something else that is a huge indicator of how many people are seeing the business on google search is the number of direct quote requests this client is now getting compared to before they started the program.  For the first full month, the client received 1 online quote request directly from their Google Business Profile.  Fast forward 3 months later and it is very rare that a week goes by now without them getting at least 3-4 quote requests for window tinting coming from new customers finding them on Google.

This particular client had a Google rating below 4.0 when we started.  As you can see there is still more work to be done to get this client to a 4.7 rating or better. But this is very positive and the increase in business has confirmed they made a great investment with Erase My Trax. now at a 4.2 and increasing each month  . . .


If you own a business with Google Business Profile and you have negative 1 and 2 star reviews that you know should be removed but you need help or don’t know how? Give us a call or go to and fill out the form.  If you are at a rating below 4.7 we can help you get there.