How Can I Remove Negative Results from Google?

How to Get Rid of Negative Google Results

Imagine losing 22% of customers. This is the cost, on average, of a single negative online review. After three negative reviews, the number rises to about 60%. So as a business owner, there’s nothing worse than discovering negative results or reviews about your business. If this is something you’re dealing with, you’ve landed in the right spot.

Keep reading to learn about the techniques used by online reputation experts to make this unwanted content disappear from search engines.

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Just like search engine optimization, which is using a strategy to make your brand appear higher on search engines like Google, reverse SEO use strategies to make certain sites appear lower on results or, if you’re good (like EraseMyTrax team is), they completely disappear.

 There are two main ways to go about this—remove and suppress.

Removing Negative Results from the Internet Entirely

If you discover a bad review or negative content showing up when you search your brand name, you obviously want to have it removed immediately. This is effective in making sure nobody sees it and it doesn’t get in the way of new customers. But removing a link you don’t own from search results and the internet completely is extremely hard to do on your own.

 Removing Web Pages You Own

Sometimes, you get negative reviews through profiles you own like Facebook or Yelp. This can actually be a great opportunity for your company to turn a negative review into a positive situation by showing the customer (and prospects) you’re willing to improve and make things right. Be sure to keep your business profile up to date—make sure the info is positive, compelling and up to date. The takeaway here is that the worst move to make is to just ignore the negative review altogether.

Your second option for reputation damage control is through suppression. This is a technique used to bury the unwanted review or content in search results. So instead of showing up on page 1, it shows up on page three or four. Since most people only visit the first few links in the results, this could help. But it’s not getting rid of the negative results entirely.

 How do you suppress the bad links?

There are tons of ways to move search results down. Here are things you can do on your own:

  •  Set up social media profiles and make sure you’re active on them
  • Set up a blog and post on it often
  • Publish videos, pictures, and podcasts
  • Update content and pages that are already on your site
  • Leave comments on other websites and blog posts that are related to your industry
  • Post helpful advice and expertise to forums
  • Guest post on high authority sites and link back to your own site

Getting rid of negative results is similar to normal SEO because the more you do the activities above, the more likely it will rank above the unwanted content. Also over time Google tends to devalue older content for newer fresher content so the older the negative item is the easier it is to suppress.

The best advice when it comes to getting rid of negative results is to have a plan. It’s easy to let emotions run high when there’s negative information about your business you’ve worked so hard to build, manage and grow. Channel that energy into a positive thing by developing a strategy to help the content disappear or move out of the top ten results.

More importantly, remember that you don’t have to do this on your own. If this still seems daunting or time consuming to do on your own while still no guarantee of complete removal, it’s probably a great idea to partner with a professional that deals with this every day for a living. A professional reputation and review management company can get rid of negative Google results to help you look great online by: deleting negative search results, deleting fake or bad business reviews, repairing and strengthening business reputation, removing unwanted personal information,  improving star rating on Google and other reviews sites like Yelp etc.

Usually most companies will allow for a free call or consultation. At that time you can share the URL or multiple URLs of the items that are hurting your business. That gives the reputation management expert a chance to look everything over and see if in fact the items can be removed or suppressed and what the best course of action would be. Some companies like will give a 90 day money back guarantee once they have agreed that they can remove the negative content. If the content cannot be removed in 90 days the client receives a full refund so there is no risk. Don’t let a poor online reputation get in the way of success and new business. If you need help with fixing your online reputation or reviews feel free to call (800)501-0675 or get a free online reputation consultation by contacting the website