Tired of Getting Your Ass Kicked on Google?

If you are like a lot of business owners we talk to they understand how important their Google star rating and online reputation is to the future of their business. It can be very frustrating when you know you are doing everything right and treating customers right yet still someone decides to leave some 1-star reviews. Also, if we are being blunt here most owners who are not getting as much business as they should are very tired of getting their asses kicked on Google by competitors. It is a full-time job to keep up with getting a steady flow of client 5-star reviews while at the same time removing the bad/fake/spam reviews that nearly all businesses on Google experience at some point. Well if that is you? if you are a business owner and you’re mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore? Keep reading . . .

Google has become a major player in the world of online reputation management. Google’s search engine is one of the most powerful tools for potential customers to find businesses and services. In fact, 96% of consumers say they use Google to find local businesses. The power of Google is so strong that it can either make or break a business. A single bad review can lead to a loss in revenue, while many good reviews can lead to increased Google ratings which in turn leads to more revenue and growth.

The main goal of reputation management is to maintain a positive image of the company and its products or services. It is important to work on improving the company’s online reputation in order to achieve this goal. When new potential customers are searching they typically are looking not only for the companies that show up in the top spots on Google maps and Google search but they are also looking at the ratings out of 5 stars of each of those companies. Having a 4.8 rating might get that customer over their competitor who outranks them by a position but only has a 4.2 rating and shows a few bad 1-2 star reviews.

Google reviews are a way to measure what people think about your business. The more positive reviews you have, the better your reputation will be. To maintain a good Google rating, it is important to pay attention to what customers are saying about your company and address any issues they have in order to make sure that they come back. Google has a strict policy for reviews. They do not allow fake reviews and any reviews that are not verified get automatically removed or they never get shown publicly. This, unfortunately, can also happen on a real review if Google sees the review as a fake then it will never get posted and only the reviewer themselves will see that review.

Online reputation management is a challenge most businesses face in the digital age. It is important to maintain your online reputation because it can easily be tarnished with one negative review or comment, which could lead to a loss of customers, revenue, and even trust.

Google has long been aware of this issue and has implemented strict policies to keep their search results as accurate as possible. Google’s rating system is based on a 5-star scale with 1 star being the lowest possible rating and 5 stars being the highest possible rating. According to studies from Google themselves, the best rating a business should strive for is 4.7 out of 5 stars or better. Google has also stated that many visitors searching online that see a business with over 100 reviews that are all 5 stars believe their reviews are fake. The reason is it is not likely that any business in the world would have over 100 reviews and not one single negative 1-2 star review. In business it is nearly impossible to have a perfect rating.


This case study will explore how Google reviews can be used as a tool for managing a company’s online reputation. We will go through the process of collecting reviews, analyzing them, and taking action based on what we find out.

Customer Niche – commercial and residential cleaning company

Metro Area – New Orleans, LA

This local cleaning company in New Orleans came to us a few months ago and their results have been nothing short of amazing (according to them). When we started they were not getting 5-star reviews from customers on a regular basis and also they had a few bad 1 and 2 star reviews that were spam/fake and then some that were for the incorrect business.

Here is the month before they began working with Erase My Trax. This company was not showing up in the top 3 maps pack for local searches and they were not getting any quotation requests from new potential customers. As you can see they had 120 total business interactions from Google the month before we started which was February 2022.  Their first full month was April of 2022.

After working with the team at Erase My Trax for 2.5 months you can see an increase in total business interactions from Google.  June of 2022 was nearly double what it was prior to working with us.

As of now, they show up way more for local searches on google maps as well as getting quote requests from new prospective customers needing cleaning services every week.  With 4.8 out of 5 stars now people are contacting them with confidence in their online reputation.

If you are tired of getting your ass kicked online by your competition for local Google business searches and tired of dealing with fake/spam/bad reviews which are hurting your business then it is probably time to contact the experts in reputation management at Erase My Trax . Erase My Trax has already helped 100’s of businesses just like yours. We can start helping you today all you have to do is call or fill out the form.